Call for submissions: March, 2008, African Diaspora Archaeology
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The African Diaspora Archaeology Network and Newsletter works to
provide a focal point for archaeological and historical studies of
African diasporas, with news, current research, information and links
to other web resources related to the archaeology and history of
descendants of African peoples. Through this engagement with African
diasporas, the ADAN seeks to connect an intellectual community that
considers the historical processes of racialization, gender, power,
and culture operating within and upon African descendant communities.

Please contact me if you have essays, articles, analysis papers, book
reviews, project reports, announcements, or news updates that you'd
like to contribute to the African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter,
available at:

This Newsletter is published quarterly, in March, June, September,
and December. Our readership has increased to over 5,000 per
Newsletter issue.

John McCarthy is coordinating book reviews to be written for the
Newsletter, and he has received review copies of a number of books
from presses that he can supply to individuals who agree to write a
review of such recent publications. If you, or someone you know,
would be interested in book review assignments for the ADAN, please
drop John a note, at A reviewer receives a
free copy of the book.

Many thanks!

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Assistant Professor
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