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Name:Alberto   Date:11:14:53 10-01-2015
I usually find burerucaats tend not to want to do a lot of work so deciphering what you wanted and then providing info for it seemed to be just too much for them.Personally I find speaking Thai helps a lot and having a Thai person with you that isn't afraid of uniformed types helps even more!
Name:Pharmd239   Date:12:20:28 31-10-2014
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Name:Pharmk541   Date:6:30:54 30-10-2014
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Name:Pharmc782   Date:23:53:15 28-10-2014
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Name:Pharme133   Date:17:31:19 27-10-2014
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Name:Pharmd183   Date:11:32:18 26-10-2014
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Name:Pharma904   Date:6:26:46 25-10-2014
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Name:Pharmk668   Date:0:23:23 24-10-2014
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Name:Johnc972   Date:10:14:28 23-10-2014
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Name:XRumerTest   Date:10:37:55 31-05-2014
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Name:DuatDaync   Date:18:04:56 03-04-2012
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Name:Mccayde   Date:13:48:35 10-10-2011
If information were soccer, this would be a goooaool!
Name:Jung-Hua Liu   Date:14:09:11 04-10-2010
Tate Modern provides free Wi-Fi
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:50:02 25-12-2009
The fifth day and final ends
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:49:46 25-12-2009
If you forget to logout btfon or btopenzone, you will be hard to connect to other bt-related spots
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:23:35 25-12-2009
Merry Xmas
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:22:07 24-12-2009
The fourth day ends
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:21:54 24-12-2009
btopenzone maybe installed in telephone booth
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:49:50 24-12-2009
Wi-fi not available in embassy area
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:24:01 24-12-2009
In hyde park, no wifi available
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:05:56 23-12-2009
the third day ends
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:34:45 23-12-2009
Hi Tina, Thanks for your message.
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:10:40 23-12-2009
rainny day
Name:Tina   Date:11:10:42 23-12-2009
Thanks for uploading your exhibition so we could see it. I look forward to your talk. Tina
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:22:49 22-12-2009
Second days finish
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:22:24 22-12-2009
It is difficult to find btopenzone near buckingham palace and residential area
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:21:21 22-12-2009
It is not easy to connect to btopenzone. and some errors on uploading file
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:31:25 21-12-2009
first day ends
Name:Jung-hua   Date:15:07:05 21-12-2009
Mcdonalds free wifi
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:54:25 21-12-2009
btopenzone is stupid
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:33:40 21-12-2009
holborn annoying rain
Name:Jung-hua   Date:14:03:10 21-12-2009
Let's Go!
Name:Jung-hua   Date:13:53:36 21-12-2009
just bought btopenzone subscription and hope it works good
Name:Jung-hua   Date:13:31:48 21-12-2009
This page will refrech automaticall every 4 mins. I may upload files every 15 mins if wifi avail.
Name:Jung-hua   Date:13:30:41 21-12-2009
i am so nervous, even it is an online show. it rains outside, too bad.
Name:gwrx   Date:8:26:17 21-12-2009