Colorful Network--- Wireless Art Project(1.0 Beta)

We Move Therefore We Colorize Our Life

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1. Goal:This project is to present the identity in both cyberspace and real world. By visualizing the Wi-Fi access points information the user provides, the user will have a colorful journey diary with a cyber-real world map.

2. Participant: This project is a public art project and welcome everyone who can go online through or near Wi-Fi to join this project.

3. Procedure:
      This site is like blog and online notebook, please leave your message when you access points every time as you can.
      Participants input BSSID(or named MAC address) code of the wireless access point they use in record-input page, and also can input where they are, and keyword about the wireless access point or participant, or just a poem.(Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

After you input the records, you can view and edit the information(Fig. 2).

Fig. 2
                The following is how to know the BSSID code:
                (1) MacOSX istumbler

                (2) Windows:netstumble

                (3) Linux :Wireless Tools for Linux---iwlist

                (4) PPC: please take a look atPocket PCC

                (5) Palm :please take a look atPalm

4. Result: This site will transform BSSID code into 7 color strips. Colors, texture(keywords' meaning and shape) and shape(strip's length and width) constitute two kind of paintings, one is individual-oriented(Fig. 3) and the other is wireless access point-oriented(Fig. 4)

Fig. 3

Fig. 4
Update 2009-04-27: I group the color bar as area.